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The world of live music has dramatically changed! 

In addition, the world we live in is also changing.  Although Mattson has not been able to perform live, the band has continued to develop their exciting brand of new music and supports the social changes happening around them.


Mattson has always drawn upon the musical influences of the band members to create songs that are both timeless and refreshing.  The band has taken the opportunity recently to create new songs and are anticipating a new recording soon. 


LIve Mattson performances have always appealed to audiences of all ages and the band continues to grow their fan base prior to social distancing.  Looking to the future, Mattson anticipates being able to once again entertain their fans in a safe live music environment.


We encourage you to continue to follow Mattson on social media and support the return of live music in a safe environment


Mattson covers Steve Miller......

Check out Youtube for some more videos.....


Behind the Music

Mattson is Greg Mattson, Sam Oliver, Charles "CJ" Armstrong, Noah Amick, and Reilly Vegh.  Greg is an unusually talented singer/songwriter from central Connecticut who along with the other band members has crafted a unique hybrid combination of accessible American music.  Their fresh sound has been refined by world class musician/producer Polo Jones (Zucchero) as they complete their debut EP. 


The EP is a collection of catchy songs that is currently being recorded in both California and Nashville with an expected release in the winter of 2019.   The tunes highlight Greg’s soulful voice and the band elevates Mattson’s songs to their full potential.


Mattson is very engaging on stage and with the upcoming release of the EP, efforts are on-going to prepare for live touring.  Mattson already has a strong social media presence and touring is anticipated to rapidly expand their fan-base 

Mattson is currently signed with Umbo Gumbo LLC,  a central Connecticut based record label.


Want to learn more about Mattson and their music, Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

(203) 910-6593


(203) 910-6593

Southbury, CT 06488, USA

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