Mattson's Live Band


Greg Mattson  -  Playing music is Greg's passion and has been the driving force behind the evolution of "Mattson."  After a few years of songwriting and playing with his boyhood friend as "Mattson Rose," Greg has evolved his music with these accomplished musicians to form the current Mattson lineup.

Powering Mattson's strong R&B rhythms is Sam Oliver.  Sam's strong drumming style is rooted in Gospel and R&B and as Sam says, he has been drumming "since before I was born!"

Charles "CJ" Armstrong is Mattson's keyboard wizard.  His Gospel chops on piano, organ, and synthesizer power Mattson's eclectic sound.

Rounding out the the rhythm section is bassist Noah Amick.  Noah is an accomplished New York City player who brings jazz influenced power to the low end of Mattson. 

Reilly Vegh is Mattson's violinist.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and composer and his modern fiddle and violin styles give Mattson a truly unique flavor.