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Mattson’s music is a unique blend of pop, rock, country, and EDM with a fresh take on the formula of smooth vocals, catchy hooks and old school groove. Led by frontman Greg Mattson, the band is supported by drummer Sam Oliver, keyboardist Charles "CJ" Armstrong, bassist Noah Amick, and violinist Reilly Vegh. 


The band’s original songs are immediately accessible and directly echo 

Greg Mattson and the bands influences. Greg’s silky smooth vocals and powerful guitar work fuse traditional country blues with classic rock.  Sam and CJ's powerful gospel grooves and urban EDM dance beats are backed by Noah's strong rhythmic bass and along with Reilly's unique violin give the band a sound that is truly original.  



“I’ve seen a ton of singers and bands and Mattson is one of the best.…they make cover songs sound better than the original and their original songs sound immediately familiar. Anything these guys do is special”

Allan Cetrone, Owner, Woodbury Brewing Company   Woodbury, CT


“….hands down, the best band we’ve ever had in our pub!”

Rory Maguire, Liam Maguire’s Pub   Falmouth, MA 


"Their songs are both immediately recognizable and unique"  

Ian Crossland, famous blogger


 Mattson’s original songs have featured collaborations with the following well known musicians:


 David Ristrim - pedal steel/banjo/guitar from Luke Bryan

 Andrea Whitt - fiddle from Zucchero and Shania Twain (

 Polo Jones - bass and production from Zucchero (

 Lee Hendricks - bass from the Eric Church band (

 Craig Wright - drums from the Eric Church band (

For information and booking Mattson:  

Amanda Morneault 

The Harbor Agency 
p: 603.770.6584

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